Debby Scherer | Treasured Jewels | | Handmade customized jewelry

FAQ: What is your process for customizing jewelry?

As I design each piece, I visualize at least three scenarios for how it can be used by the consumer to get the ‘best bang for the buck.’

First, I think of how it can be used as a wardrobe accessory. Most pieces I make will flow from a dressy occasion, to business professional to daytime or evening casual.

I prefer making interchangeable items that can be mixed and matched to several other pieces rather than designing specific sets to be worn only one way.

Secondly, I think about the story each piece tells.

For instance, what is the meaning and primary use of the stones, what inspiration motivated me to create a specific design or color combination, what about the piece is special or unique from other pieces I’ve created or that other artisans offer.

Thirdly, I consider the emotional bond the consumer or wearer will develop.

Is the piece a gift for a loved one or special friend?

Is it to be worn on a special occasion like a prom, graduation, wedding or anniversary?

Will it commemorate a milestone in life like a birth, birthday, christening, baptism or first communion?

FAQ: How did you get started making customized jewelry?

In 2007, we made the trip of a lifetime to Johannesburg, South Africa on a two-week mission tour.

Ten months later, we moved there as volunteer missionaries.

Through a women’s ministry group, I began making jewelry. It was my way of connecting with women in the community and learning a new craft while sharing the love of Jesus. Those ladies made lovely, colorful and very intricate pieces. They were good teachers and helped me develop a love for all things BEADING!

Their impact still influences many of my original designs today.