Our very first contest! Treasured Jewels has been around for a while but we are finally hosting our very first contest. For this contest, we are giving away a full $50 Gift Certificate for the Treasured Jewels’ Store. Note the rules and restrictions above.  Our customers are the best and we’re ready to give back.  This contest will run for one week only (March 11 – March 17th) so don’t delay in submitting your entry. {Notice: When registering for the Treasured Jewels Contest, you give Treasured Jewels permission to send occasional emails about our products, promotions, and events. You can … Read more >

Is It Fall Already?

Where has the time gone? It’s been a busy summer with church, family, vacations, craft shows, and so much more.  Time seems to speed by so quickly any more.  I don’t remember that happening as a child … how about you? All I can think – is it fall already? One of my favorite childhood memories was laying out in the yard under the Wild Cherry tree on a blanket gazing up at the sky and visualizing the different shapes of the clouds.  A lion…, a sheep…, a dog or cat. After a while, my intent gazing would give in … Read more >

Customers Talked – I listened

Just before Christmas, I was presenting at a Craft Show. Customers talked. I listened. Two really nice ladies visited Treasured Jewels and we had a pleasant chat while they shopped.  Other customers came in and the first ladies moved on to my earring display. I kept an ear out for them while attending to the newcomers and this is what I heard one say to the other “Jewelry makers have such nice pieces until it comes to earrings … then they all look just the same”. During the next lull between customers, I slipped over to the earring display and took an … Read more >

What’s The Difference …

… between Precious/Semi-precious, Natural/Synthetic, and Simulants/Imitations? Gemstones have been categorized as “Precious” or Semi-precious” since the 1800s. So what’s the difference? “Precious” was reserved for four types of gems:  diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.  All others were considered “Semi-precious”. “Semi-precious” stones would include:  agate, amber, amethyst, aquamarine, aventurine, chalcedony, chrysocolla, chrysoprase, citrine, garnet, hematite, jade, jasper, jet, kunzite, lapis lazuli, malachite, moonstone, obsidian, onyx, peridot, rhodonite, sunstone, tiger’s eye, tanzanite, topaz, turquoise, tourmaline…, and the list goes on. Separating gemstones into categories implies that precious stones are worth more than semi-precious stones.  Although this can be true, it is often misleading as … Read more >

The Best Color to Wear …

Ever wondered what you should wear for important dates? I’ve got a few tips. What to wear to an interview. Black was called “serious and reliable” and thought to be the most confident color.  So … pull out the noir when you’ve got a job interview or important meeting with the boss. The Best Color to Wear on a First Date. Consider making bold firetruck red your go-to date night color: 56% of men said it was their top choice of color on a female so until you get to know the dude, there’s a high probability he’ll dig your outfit. The … Read more >

The Colors You’ll be Wearing This Year

What are the colors you’ll be wearing this year? These 10 colors move toward more calming shades with a pop of contrasting primaries. Rose Quartz Peach Echo   Snorkel Blue   Serenity Buttercup Limpet Shell Lilac Gray Fiesta Iced Coffee Green Flash     Remember, all colors are not created equally. Rose Quartz is the number one shade designers are using in Spring 2018 collections. Peach Echo, Serenity, Snorkel Blue, and Buttercup round out the rest of the top five. Serenity is a calming color, playing to the whole idea that we know we’re still living in turbulent times. Buttercup … Read more >

What Do The Experts Say

Summer Color Trends Bright, Bold, and Beautiful  What better way to describe the color palette for Spring 2018 than to identify the Summer Color Trends? From deep hues to delicate pastels, these are the colors we’ll see trending in wardrobe and accessory fashion this spring. Sorry, guys, but black didn’t make the list as one of the must-have colors in this year’s wardrobe.  Instead, the choices lean toward bright shades like yellow, violet and green and soft hues of lavender, aqua, and blue.  Before you start to panic, neutrals are still popular (for those who fear a little color in … Read more >